EmpowerLD is a nonprofit corporation that exists to inform and educate the larger public on the nature of learning differences, including the social and emotional impacts. Empower LD aims to provide practical, applicable, and actionable information to teachers, parents, students, and professionals, so that individuals with learning differences can be fully appreciated and empowered to meet their full potential.
EmpowerLD seeks to support teachers, students, parents, and professionals via workshops, consulting, and professional development sessions with no cost to the partnering sites.

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  • empowering their children to understand their unique learning profile
  • learning how to collaborate and advocate with professionals
  • appropriately adapting the home environment

EmpowerLD will assist students in:

  • understanding their learning profile
  • developing self-advocacy skills
  • setting appropriate goals
  • realizing their potential academically and interpersonally



EmpowerLD will assist teachers in:

  • appropriately differentiating instruction for learners with LD
  • better understanding the characteristics of students with LD
  • cultivating empowering classroom environments for all
  • implementing a strengths-based approach


EmpowerLD seeks to provide support to educators, parents, and students Chicago's south side. Too many people with learning differences are misunderstood, mistreated, underserved and undervalued. EmpowerLD will positively impact the populations described above and cultivate a sphere of influence to enhance the lives of those with learning differences through innovative, research-based practices. 
Our journey as an organization is just beginning. We will continue to expand the website and soon launch more information about our mission and services. Please stay tuned!